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Social media

Social media

If we look at the statistics, the use of Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Telegram in Armenia should not be underestimated. Our country is in a rather high position in the world ranking of users in terms of population. The number of people starting and ending all kinds of relationships through social media is increasing day by day.

According to research, people happily share their personal lives on social networks. Fifty-two percent of people who end a relationship immediately post it on social media. 38% of those who start a new relationship immediately post this news on social networks.

Researchers at Harvard University’s Department of Neurology have concluded that the impact people talking about themselves on social media have is the same as that of money, food or sex. Thus, it provides a kind of personal satisfaction.

The four main directions of social networks that are most used in Armenia are Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and Telegram. Whatsapp can also be added to them. However, there is one point to note here. Social media tools can also act as a threat to relationships. People like to talk about themselves, but there are those who talk about their lovers, want to check on their ex or look for a new lover.

According to the results of this research, it is always possible to trust the relationship or end the current relationship. Researching who is being followed on social media, who is following the latter, or even who liked the last photo or who wrote what type of comment, can be helpful tips for getting to know people. Doing this opened a whole new door for our service in the field of private detective work. Social media monitoring services.

Social media monitoring is not only for spouses, lovers, close friends, but also for children. Today, children use technology almost as well as adults. They even know how to hide through the internet.

Although parents are friends with their children on social media, children can hide themselves and their actions by making adjustments. Thus, on social networks, monitoring children becomes work that requires expertise.Private detective agencies can track the social media of children under 18 at the request of their parents. These studies are carried out in the following frameworks:

    • Changes in the statistics of the number of friends of the child, increasing or decreasing;
    • Statistics of activities on social networks by content and number;
    • Statistics on the use of social media tools by hourly schedule;
    • Statistics of the child’s friends by age and gender groups;

As a result of our service, parents will have detailed information about their child’s behavior on the Internet and will be able to show a sensitive approach to the child without coming across communication problems within the family, and most importantly, without the element of pressure.

Studies have shown that changes that come naturally in a child’s life have long-term positive effects on a child’s development.