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Any sort of business operation requires careful attention to detail. Inspection of tenders is one of the services offered by our detective bureau. The inspection gives an opportunity to find out how honest the contractor’s choice is, whether the tender itself meets all the requirements, whether it is worth participating in.

If you are already participating in the tender and you comprehend that you have encountered illegal actions of participants, then you should definitely turn to the services of specialists who will help you understand the problem and solve it in your favor. Our bureau’s staff has acquired many years of experience, which allows us to provide high quality services.

We offer due diligence of Tenders

This service includes all the activities related to the tender’s inspection. Our staff will review all aspects of the process, analyze corresponding documents, and try to determine if unauthorized persons interfered in the conduct of this tender.


Identification of affiliated companies

Our employees will be able to find all individuals who have influence on the legal process of the competition. We have knowledge on how to do so as swiftly as possible and in accordance with the RA legislation. This can act as reason to go to court or challenge a decision regarding a tender.

Investigation of the clients in the tender

Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to protect yourself from an unscrupulous partner, even if the client is a state-owned company. In the case of commercial tenders, this situation becomes even more relevant. That is why the customer must be checked. Any expenses in this direction can be justified, as it will prevent participation in any unfavorable purchases. Any business transaction requires a thorough check of the counterparty and it will always be warranted when participating in tenders. Problems often arise in case of late payment, although both the RA legislation and the contract clearly define the terms.

Our detective bureau knows exactly how to conduct a proper inspection to make it as accurate as possible.

  1. We obtain data from public state databases and from other legal sources. This allows one to study the history of the company and to understand what activities it carries out. We will find out who the counterparty is – a working business or a one-day firm.

2. Purchase history.It is possible to uncover how often the client holds tenders or whether they are participating in such transactions for the first time. We will quickly review this information through public sources and provide completed information. If the company has already announced tenders, it is worth checking whether they have finished or what percentage of the purchases have not been made.

How to facilitate such operations

If you do not want to use a number of services, go on a search for necessary information, or contact partners all on your own, you can always contact our detective bureau and use our services. Our employees themselves will conduct a comprehensive study of the tender, will discuss all aspects and will make an accurate conclusion on this case. We use different sources of information, which allow us to obtain the most up-to-date data and to carry out thorough analytical work.


The decision to participate in tenders is natural for any company. But it must be done with great caution, because the market often contains companies that are trying to get rich at the expense of newcomers. Thorough Inspections and a careful approach to tender selection is a guarantee that you will be able to gain if not find victory. The detective bureau considers the inspection of tenders as one of its key activities and our employees have rich experience in this field.

We guarantee that the service will be undertaken with high quality.