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Informative analytical

Informative analytical

Our priority is to collect and analyze information, as awareness is the first step in building an integrated security system for your business. Timely information will help to ensure your business partner’s solvency and reliability, to assess and prevent potential risks and to help make the right decision. By working with us, you get access to the most reliable and comprehensive information regarding any issues you are concerned with around the clock.

Our informative and analytical operations include the following areas:

  • Due diligence (verification of the information provided by the customer);
  • Informational support in concluding contracts, commercial transactions;
  • Verifying business partners. Analysis of financial and economic activity of the enterprise, assessment of financial solvency and reliability, collection of information on business reputation, verification of information on overdue debts.
  • Providing information about competitors. Identifying the negative aspects of the company’s activities, determining the scale of the business, finding branches, studying the external-internal organizational structure and personnel policy, analyzing the company’s position in the market.
  • Monitoring the creditworthiness of companies;
  • Assessment of borrower solvency;
  • Information support for personnel management units. Inspection of the employee’s professional reputation. Investigation of business qualities, uncovering the real reasons for leaving the previous job, verification of the information provided by the employee, revelation of theft or fraud cases.
  • Confirmation of the correspondence between the location of the company and its addresses and phone numbers;
  • Analysis of individual business sectors and segments.
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Our bureau conducts investigations using exclusively OSINT (Open Source Intelligence).OSINTis a set of techniques that allows you to identify, organize, and analyze information from open, public sources.

Today, OSINT technologies are used to solve not only commercial but also state-level problems. Although the nature of the information collected is different, the methodologies used are similar.

The main advantage of using OSINT or open, publicly sourced information is the ability to further legitimize the information received, as everything that is collected is available in the infinite realm of the Internet, the key being to find it.