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Juvenile lifestyle

Juvenile lifestyle

Transition is a difficult time for any child. Parents need to control their life without suppressing their freedom. A juvenile can find themselves in danger with any step: criminal environment, drugs, gangs, first love’s heartbreak trauma, and more. And when parents start to “push”, the situation can get worse.

Why should one apply to the help of the Gabrielyan & Partners detective bureau in those cases? 

  1. With your consent, our detective can confidentialy track down your minor child, thereby verifying the information provided to you by the child.
  2. Our detective can find people who provide your child with drugs or engage the child in criminal activity. Such information is immediately passed on by us to law enforcement agencies.
  3. By hiring our detective you can very gently control the teen’s lifestyle without inquiries that often force him or her to shut themselves out. An experienced detective can quickly prevent danger to your child.

Confidential monitoring of a minor may be exercised only with the written consent of his or her parent or legal guardian.

The Gabrielyan & Partners Detective Bureau can also provide the above services in other countries.

Remember family is paramount and we will do everything we can to keep your family strong and secure.