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The financial and economic security of the organization are guarantees of stability and prosperity of any business. A prerequisite for success in modern business is the ability to anticipate adverse commercial, criminal, and political events and to mitigate the potential dangers posed by them. Threats to economic security can be both unscrupulous employees of the organization as well as competitor organizations.

Reliable, quality information is needed to make effective decisions to deter potential security threats. We offer the following comprehensive investigative-analytical services to obtain necessary information available within the law, to use that information, as well as to identify potential and real threats, to prevent information leakage from your organization, to build an effective security system for your business.

  • Security service delegation

24/7 video surveillance, computerized alarm systems, rapid response teams, as well as physical security through security guards.

  • Audit of existing security systems, adjustment and organizing of an effective and modern security system.
  • Installation, modernization and adjustment of information-technical security systems.
  • Office, business premises and vehicle inspection for detection and neutralization of devices collecting illegal information.
  • Collection of information on the organization and conduct of practical negotiations, ensuring security.
  • Studies regarding employee integrity, verification of available information.
  • Investigations of competitive businesses, prevention of business espionage;
  • Collection and verification of information and data about partners, competitors;
  • Conducting corporate, insurance and financial investigations;
  • Document authentication and certification;
  • Settlement of copyright and similar issues;
  • Assistance in problems with law enforcement;
  • Conducting investigations into debtor clients to identify possible sources of foreclosure;
  • Assessment of the legal and economic integrity of business partners;
  • Including an analysis of personal and business characteristics of the heads of partner organizations;
  • Assistance in negotiations with various organizations, including state and non-governmental organizations on problematic issues;
  • Support for contractual obligations and property restitution;
  • Identification of insolvent and  unreliable partners;
  • Investigation of reasons for non-fulfillment of obligations, detection of cases of illegal receipt and use of commercially secret information;
  • Detection of false bankruptcy cases.


  • Work with professionals and save money. Our organization employs experienced former employees of the Police, NSS and other law enforcement agencies. They are ready to ensure the security of your business with their many years of experience, thus it is more beneficial for the organization in terms of price / quality ratio to outsource security systems than the personnel of its own security staff.
  • You save your nerves, develop and become more profitable. As a result of cooperation with our organization, the management of the partner organization ceases to worry about security issues, as we, through 24/7 monitoring, timely anticipate commercial, criminal, and political adverse events, effectively curb the potential dangers and risks that may result from them.

Working with us will ensure untroubled work and discipline in the organization, significantly reducing costs in prevention against theft, abuse, fraud and corruption, which in turn will contribute to the growth and sustainable development of your business.