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cars, trailers, motorcycles, trucks,
motor boats, etc.

Movable property sellers are required to provide all legal documents when conducting transactions.However, not all information is available to the seller or he/she intentionally hides certain information. In such cases you will need the help of a detective,


  1. Verification of the documents submitted by the owner of the property.
  2. Identification of “unregistered” heirs of the owner of the property, who can submit an application for the proprietorship of the given property.
  3. Verification of additional information about the seller or property (former owners, actual reason for the sale, information on accidents, insurance or legal issues, etc.).

Unfortunately, fraud in the real estate market is still relevant.

You can contact our bureau at any time to avoid any worries or problems while purchasing your chosen mobile property.The Gabrielyan & Partners Detective Bureau, through its trusted international partners, will assist you in verifying information about mobile property to be purchased anywhere in the world and in making a safe and secure transaction.