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Problems regarding business personnel are the biggest concern for any business. It is one thing when it comes to unskilled employees, it is another when there is a malefactor or fraudster in the staff. And it is most likely that they’ve been placed by your competitors in order to study the internal culture of your business, find the opportunity to reach your customer base and…There are cases when such unfortunate employees have already opened an organization close to your profile, and are developing their business in your cozy domain.

Why should corporate investigations be entrusted to our detective bureau? 

  1. Our detectives are quite experienced with such work, as they have previously conducted numerous similar investigations in law enforcement agencies or in the state system, in addition to their experience in the business sphere.
  2. In consequence to the investigation, experienced lawyers of our agency will prepare relevant documents, which will serve as a basis for filing a criminal case, including the disclosure of company secrets and operational “espionage”.

3. Our detectives are independent persons who are responsible for ensuring the confidentiality and impartiality of the investigation.

4. Regarding corporate investigation, the detective agency provides a wide range of services, from clarifying individuals’ biographical data to verifying information about competitors.

Is it worth applying our detective bureau’s investigation? It is at your will. Our detectives guarantee a professional approach and absolute confidentiality.The Gabrielyan & Partners detective agency is ready to conduct a staff investigation on a contractual basis, as well as to organize high-quality business security.The slogan of our bureau is “Safety comes at a price, but it’s absence can cost more”.

We wish success to your business!