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Information Security

Information Security

A business’ information security is one of the most important elements of its business management. The company’s level of information security largely determines the efficiency of its operations – its level of business profitability, as well as the business reputation of the company.

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The information security services we offer are:

  1. Information risk management, in which the following are encompassed:
    • Mechanisms consistent with the organization’s business processes to identify risks and for proper control over weak links;
    • Testing and evaluation of information security systems,

Testing and Assessment service includes:

    • Risk assessment;
    • Determination of assets;
    • Information technology system assessment;
    • Vulnerability testing.
  1.  Round-the-clock monitoring of information security risks, technical vulnerabilities and threats that may have an impact on the business processes of the organization.
  1. Introduction of appropriate policies and technical systems to prevent and manage business risks in the organization.
  2. Organization of investigations regarding information security incidents.
  3. Organizing appropriate trainings on information security for employees of organizations, as well as individuals

By using the services of our bureau, your company will minimize the possible losses that may arise due to information security risks and will ensure business continuity.

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