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Privacy Statement

    There is but one unique rule that must be followed for all private detective agencies: privacy. Detectives should never share information or documents that they have obtained while working with third parties. Trust is the most important issue in a detective’s profession. Individuals and organizations that require an investigation should be able to unequivocally trust private detective agencies and their staff.

    Prior to its operations, the Gabrielyan & Partners Detective Bureau enters into a service and privacy agreement with the client or organization.

    By signing a service contract, we show how seriously our detective bureau takes its operations.

    Our company is required to provide the expected service under the terms of the contract.

    In the course of its activities, our bureau strictly adheres to its obligation under the privacy agreement. When signing the contract, the users or organizations of the service are obliged to provide our company with a certain amount of confidential information and documents that will act as basis for the work that is to be performed under the contract. This obligation also encompasses the fact that such information will not be passed on to third parties.

    The Gabrielyan & Parties detective bureau has a concept of confidentiality, which includes the following requirements:

  1. List of all types of information and documents that are the subject of the contract, submitted in writing or orally
  2. Information and documents on persons or organizations requesting services
  3. All types of information and documents obtained by our bureau during research
  4. The report prepared by our bureau after the completion of the service

    The Concept of Privacy includes not only the above stated information and documents, but also computer records, service details and provided operational solutions. All information and documents provided between both parties are considered confidential documents, unless otherwise clearly specified in writing in the service contract.

    Ensuring the confidentiality of your information and your trust is the key to our success.